Principles and Aims

The health and safety of all members of the school community and visitors to the school is of utmost importance. This first aid and healthcare policy is created with the aim of ensuring that all staff members, visitors to the School, pupils and parents are aware of standard first aid procedures that will be followed in the event of any major or minor illness, accident or injury, and how they can contribute to the effective resolution of such incidents.

The school also has a duty to preserve and promote the wellbeing of all students, and to look after those with health problems or medical conditions. For these students the school, working directly with parents and health professionals and wellbeing and safeguarding staff, as appropriate, will draw up individual plans to ensure that their needs are effectively met. This policy covers students with high-risk conditions such as diabetes, asthma and other related ailments. Plans will be developed with the child’s best interests in mind and ensure that the school assesses and manages risks to the child’s education, health and social wellbeing and minimises disruption. The school is conscious that it is vital to ensure that all staff are prepared at all times for a medical emergency as far as is possible.

Targets and Outcomes:

Our school will provide a safe and caring environment.