IT systems in school are designed to help ensure students safety online by restricting web sites that might be dangerous and by providing a secured school intranet. However, users are responsible for their own security and for observing the following precautions when working online.

You must not:

  • give personal information such as address or phone number to strangers
  • tell your login to anyone else
  • use a 'nickname' that includes your personal name or your age
  • believe everything you read online
  • use webcams with strangers
  • arrange to meet a stranger
  • post personal photos in public areas
  • accept or post insults in any form (text, photo or video)
  • answer messages from unknown sources
  • click on silly adverts or obviously download inappropriate links.

You must:

  • tell your parents if anything you have seen or read bothers or disturbs you
  • limit the amount of time you spend on the internet, chatting, playing games etc.
  • turn on safe filters when searching the internet
  • socialise with real friends not just 'virtual' ones
  • keep your school email address for school use only.