Music for everyone

Music fills every corner of our school and is integrated into everyday Early years and Primary life as much as possible. Many students in Secondary choose to take Music as an IGCSE subject and one of our students recently received the highest score in Spain.

Pupils can choose to learn one of the following instruments:

  • violin or cello
  • flute, clarinet or saxophone
  • trumpet or trombone
  • guitar or drums
  • piano.

Pupils also enjoy being part of the following bands and orchestras to practise their skills and have fun making music as part of a group:

  • ClassBand (part of our academic programme for Year 5-7)
  • Family group choirs
  • Junior or Senior orchestra
  • A capella Group or Harmony choir
  • Guitar ensemble or Rock Band
  • Percussion group
  • Big Band
  • Junior wind ensemble
  • Senior saxophone quartet.

Concerts and events

Our pupils enjoy performing in a variety of regular music concerts, giving parents the opportunity to watch their children's talents progress:

  • Big Band at the prestigious Hay Festival Segovia each September
  • Christmas carol concerts at the school, local church and Universidad Complutense each December
  • Big Band and Rock Group at the Hard Rock Café Madrid each February
  • spectacular summer concerts at the end of each academic year.

Our instrumentalists also provide music for prize giving and graduation ceremonies, as well as theatrical and musical productions at school.

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