Students with elderly people in the school auditorium

British Council

Becoming a person who cares for others

Our students participate in a number of national and international community service projects, giving their time and energy to support others, while developing valuable skills and enjoying life-changing experiences.

Projects include:

‘House of Angels’ Orphanage, Romania

Every year our students and parents donate essential materials, equipment and gifts that we collect together and deliver to the orphanage. Our Year 12 students travel to the orphanage to share quality time with the children and help with community development projects. This experience has a major impact on our students’ social awareness and concepts of poverty.

Visiting the elderly

We want our students to be aware of the importance of caring for older members of our society. Our Year 12 students participate in weekly visits to two nursing homes in Madrid. Both generations enjoy the relationships that develop through spending time together to talk, play games, read and perform. 

World Trekkers

We have an annual trip to Kenya where our older pupils volunteer with children at a community centre in Nairobi and trek through the Aberdare Mountains to the top of Mount Lesatima.

Unicef cooperation agreement

The British Council School is an 'Escuela Amiga' of UNICEF, taking part in the 'Gotas para Níger' campaign to defend children's rights in Niger.

Fundación Nacional Síndrome de Down

Our pupils and children with Down's syndrome from the Fundación Síndrome de Down of Madrid take part in regular joint activities. Both groups of children enjoy the friendships they build whilst working together on science experiments, music concerts and many other activities. 

Kilo Solidario

Every year students collect food for our Kilo Solidario project, which is donated to non-profit organisations.

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