Secondary pupils carrying out a science experiment

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In Secondary, we aim to build on the strength and values already nurtured in Early Years and Primary. Our objective is to offer maximum opportunities to students in a caring environment, enabling them to reach their potential in all areas of school life.

Academic approach

Our broad and balanced curriculum, taught by specialist teachers, provides our secondary pupils with a solid foundation of academic knowledge. We also support our pupils to complement their learning outside the classroom environment, encouraging creativity and confidence through participation in artistic, scientific and economic projects, and public speaking.

We encourage their competency in several languages and offer numerous possibilities to establish relationships with people from other cultures. 

To ensure that we are educating well-rounded and caring individuals, all students also participate in community service projects. 

Key stage 3 (Year 7-9)

Pupils study a broad range of subjects, developing their interests so they can make informed decisions when they choose their IGCSE subjects at key stage 4.  

Key stage 4 (Year 10-11)

All students follow a two year International General Certificate in Secondary Education (IGCSE) programme. Students choose between 8 and 10 IGCSE subjects, which they study alongside Spanish language and Spanish Humanities (Spanish Ministry requirements). As well as their IGCSE qualifications, students receive their Spanish certificate of secondary education 'Titulo de Graduado en Educación Secundaria'.

After key stage 4, students continue their studies with our unique Bibac® (Bilingual Baccalaureate) programme.


English language and literature English
Science English
Economics English
Mathematics English
History and geography English
ICT English
Design and technology English
Art and design English
Music English
Theatre and speech English
Physical education (PE) English
Dance English
ClassBand English 
Personal, social and health education (PSHE) (optional) English
Catholic religion (optional) Spanish
Spanish culture Spanish
Spanish language and literature Spanish
French French
German German
Mandarin Mandarin

Co-curriculur activities

We encourage all of our pupils to participate in activities that develop their unique skills, talents and abilities. In Secondary, these choices include:

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