British Inspections


We now have the report from the November inspection and we are proud to announce that we are the first and only school in Spain to get the highest possible rating in every category for the third BSO inspection in a row.

Our school and our wider community is Excellent!

There is much to be proud and this report is full of references and examples of how our young people excel under our care.

It is a reflection on you, as parents, of your guidance, support and example. This report, therefore, belongs to you as well as to us, as the school you have entrusted the most precious thing in the world, your children.

Thank you for your trust and support and congratulations on an 'Excellent” report.

Please download the full 2021 report here.

Spanish Inspections

Our school follows the Spanish Curriculum in Bachillerato (Year 12 and Year 13) and is inspected annually according to the legislation on foreign schools from the Comunidad de Madrid and has accomplished all legal requirements.

Health and Safety

We submit our Health and Safety system to an external audit to verify our compliance with the obligations under the Law 31/1995 on Prevention of Occupational Risks. The statutory audit is repeated every four years and is compulsory for all companies with more than five hundred employees.

Annual reports

Our annual report summarises our school year and gives us an opportunity to share more detailed information on our activities and academic results. Download our latest annual report below. 

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