Admissions Process  

Start our admissions process to apply for a place at the British Council School and begin a journey into an excellent educational experience.  

1. Visit: We recommend you visit the school before or during your admission process. It is an excellent way to discover our facilities, educational project and the many opportunities that the school offers our community.

We receive visitors throughout the school year as this is the best way to get to know us in full operation. Remember that it is essential to book your visit here (Link).  

2. Application for admission: All students applying to the British Council School must complete the admissions process before starting the school year. From Year 2, future pupils must also take the corresponding entrance tests. 

Please check with the Admissions Team if you can book the tests in person or online. If you have questions about whether or not your child should take the test, please contact the Admissions Team directly.

3. Admissions Committee: Between one and three weeks after completing the admissions process, we will contact you to inform you of the Committee's final decision.

If the decision is positive, we will send you the necessary documentation to reserve your place.

4. Reservation: Once your child has been admitted, you will have a period of fifteen days to formalise the enrolment and therefore secure the place. This period may vary depending on the number of places available and the possible waiting list. For the reservation to be confirmed, you will need to do so by making a bank transfer reflecting the amount indicated in each year or section.

5. Next steps: During the weeks leading up to the start of the course, we will inform you of next steps, meetings and information sessions so that you can familiarise yourself with the course, the teachers and the British Council School Community. 

Admission Tests  

Early Years:

No admissions test necessary.  


Year 1:

No admissions test necessary.  
Years 2-6:  

  • Short interview in English.  
  • Literacy and numeracy in English and Spanish.  


Years 7-9: 
  • Interview in English.  
  • Online admission tests.
  • If necessary, a short interview will be conducted in Spanish.

 Year 10:

  • Interview in English
  • Written test in English, Spanish
  • Online admission test 
  • If necessary, a short interview will be conducted in Spanish.

 Years 11-13: 

  • English and Spanish interview.  
  • English, Spanish, Maths and Science tests.  
  • Students must have at least 6 IGCSEs (grade B), Graduado en ESO or equivalent.  
  • Students must have at least a B2 level of English.