Our flexible BiBac® (Bilingual Baccalaureate) programme for 16-18 year old is unique to the British Council School and prepares students to compete for places at the world's top universities. We offer students the possibility of studying the degree of their choice, at the university of their choice, in the country of their choice.

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Academic approach

1. BiBac® Science and Technology – Engineering & Architecture

2. BiBac® Science and Technology – Health Sciences

3. BiBac® Social Sciences – Humanities

Students receive help and advice to choose from one of these 3 BiBac® options. Each option provides a wide range of subjects, targeted towards their future degree choices and opening the door to a promising future career. When they finish their BiBac®, our multilingual students are able to speak English, Spanish and French. They also have the option to take German and Chinese. Students are supported by advisors in Y10 and Y11 and counsellors in Y12 and Y13. This enables them to plan their future career path having had the benefit of a broad education in Humanities, Sciences, Technology and Social Sciences.

BiBac® combines academic study with a large number of co-curricular activities and opportunities for students to practically apply what they learn in the classroom. Students can choose what they study, and what language (English or Spanish) they want to study each subject in, studying up to 70% of their subjects in English. This gives them the opportunity to access the technical and specialist language of these subjects, which will give them an advantage at university and in their careers .

We equip students with competencies such as leadership, team-working, negotiation, public speaking and entrepreneurial skills, which are crucial to get ahead at university and in the workplace.

We prepare our students to step out into a world full of opportunities. BiBac® goes beyond bilingualism and biculturalism - British Council School graduates are multilingual and multicultural. They also develop a social conscience through local and international community service.


English comprehension skills English
World literature Bilingual
Business English English
Film studies English
French  French
Spanish language and literature Spanish
Latin Latin
Philosophy and citizenship Spanish
History of Philosophy Spanish
Spanish history Spanish
Religion English and Spanish
Personal, social and health education English
Contemporary history Bilingual
Economics Bilingual
Business economics Bilingual
Administration and management Spanish
History of art Spanish
Psychology Spanish
Geography Spanish
Contemporary world sciences Bilingual
Biology and Geology Bilingual
Science of the land and environment Spanish
Chemistry Bilingual
Physics  Bilingual
Biology Bilingual
Art Bilingual
Drama Bilingual
Physical Education Bilingual
Computer programming English
Industrial technology Spanish
Technical drawing Bilingual
Mathematics Spanish
Mathematics for social sciences Spanish

British Council Year 12 Clubs

Our Clubs and ALE are one way in which our students begin to develop a wider range of skills. At the same time, they enjoy learning and to also put their skills and knowledge into practice. These skills will prove to be very useful later, when they are aiming for University places and to help them succeed in their chosen degree subjects.

All students add a Year 12 Club to their academic programme within the school day. These activities give students the opportunity to practically apply the academic knowledge they gain through the curriculum, or develop complementary skills. 

Discover our Clubs and ALE offer.


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