Learning to love being active

We firmly believe in the importance of being physically active and encourage our pupils to enjoy sports from an early age. Physical Education (PE) is a key part of our academic programme and can be chosen as an IGCSE subject.

How does sport benefit our pupils?

PE offers benefits far beyond just physical fitness. The design of our PE programme promotes challenge, leadership, overcoming difficulties, stretching personal limits, increasing self-confidence, and being a team player. 

The activities we offer include:

  • swimming
  • athletics
  • rugby
  • tennis
  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • football.

Pupils enjoy taking part in sports competitions, both within school and externally, including:

  • Olympic Day competition between school family groups
  • Madrid Offroad Cross Country Championship

We also encourage our students to participate in the activities organised by the After School Club as well as pursuing individual sports like golf.

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