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Beyond the art room

Art is a vibrant and stimulating component of school life. All pupils are encouraged to develop their observational drawing skills and develop their skills in a wide variety of techniques, including digital media, painting, design, illustration and graphics. Pupils are encouraged and expected to use their skills to express themselves in an individual and personal way in a wide assortment of themed projects. Pupils' work is regularly exhibited around the school and is a showcase for their talent and imagination.

Developing creativity

In Early years and Primary, children explore colour, texture, shape, form and space in two and three dimensions. They have access to a wide range of materials and learn how to use them creatively and carefully.

In Secondary, many pupils choose to take Art and Design at IGCSE level, in which we have over 90% pass rate. Our pupils have received awards for the highest marks in Spain and in the world, and had their work exhibited in London and Barcelona. 

This academic excellence is continued at our BiBac® stage where pupils can study artistic or technical drawing. Pupils who choose to study an artistic discipline abroad receive offers from the most prestigious universities in the UK, Europe and the USA, including the University of the Arts London and Goldsmiths.

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