We have an infirmary in each section and four school nurses to ensure first aid cover throughout the school day. Our nurses also provide health education to pupils within our academic programme.

We have effective protocols for securing assistance in more serious cases, and these are clearly communicated to pupils, parents, and all staff.

Medical information about all pupils is kept in a secure database and is regularly updated. We respect confidentiality and health information is only shared when it is necessary for the safety of the pupil.

We meet all Madrid Community and Ministry of Health requirements and contribute to local school health committees and forums. 

School meals

Early years, Primary and Secondary each have an independent kitchen and lunch room, specially adapted to each age group.

Our priorities are:

  • To ensure a healthy and balanced diet: we follow the Mediterranean Diet (UNESCO) and the guidelines established by the NAOS strategy (Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention) designed by the National Food Safety Agency. We also have a parent committee that volunteers to get involved in the monthly design of the menu.
  • To prevent possible nutritional disorders: our lunch room staff carefully monitor students, paying particular attention to parents’ concerns for added peace of mind. 
  • Rigorous quality and safety controls: our nurses monitor special nutritional needs and diets for each student. Our policy regarding allergies, intolerances or other medical recommendations guarantees, as far as possible, that students feel integrated into our everyday dining room procedures.
  • To promote good eating behaviour: the lunch room is a learning area where students are taught about good behaviour and manners.

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