Fundraising for BIOOR at our Christmas Fair

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We believe that it is vital for our school community to be involved in issues that affect the world we live in, even if they do not affect us directly.

The regular charities and community projects we support include:

The Oncological Investigation Grant (BIOOR)

BIOOR is our school community's own charity, founded in 2003 by former students, parents and employees in order to raise vital funds for cancer research .

BIOOR has so far raised €219,000 through donations, fairs, concerts, parties and sales. We have co-funded three research projects managed by the Scientific Foundation of the AECC (Spanish Cancer Association) and supported the following projects:

  • 20032005: €54,000 study on lymphomas (CNIO)
  • 2005–2007: €60,000 breast cancer study (Hospital de la Paz, Madrid)
  • 2007–2010: €105,000 study on lymphoma in children (Universidad Autónoma)
  • 2012–2014: €65.000 oncological paediatric surgery (Hospital Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY, USA)
  • 2013–2014: Eph/ephrin and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia: clinical potential prognostic and therapeutic targets for the disease (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).
  • 2014-2015: €29.150 donated in our Christmas and spring fair for the prognostic and therapeutic targets for the disease (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).
  • 2016-2017: €51.467 Scholarship BIOOR Luis Miguel Alonso, PhD in biology at the Complutense University of Madrid. Relay in Christmas fair, scholarship for the researcher of the CNIO, Dr. Ana Ortega.

El Kilo Solidario

Our El Kilo Solidario project encourages our school community to donate food for local families who are in need as a consequence of the financial crisis.

All the products collected are given to the following organisations, who distribute the food to those in need:

  • Cáritas (through the Parroquia de Prado de Somosaguas)
  • Fundación Pan y Peces
  • Cruz Roja (the Red Cross)

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