There are many things that make our school unique. Find out more below, or request a visit and discover for yourself what makes us so special. 

Our inspection results are outstanding

We are the first British school in Spain to receive the highest rating in all areas of the British Schools Overseas (BSO) inspection. The BSO stressed that the school offers an 'outstanding education for all students'.

A pupil playing the violin

We provide more than just an academic education

We encourage our students to develop their passions through a wide range of activities, including music, theatre, dance, art, public speaking, community service and sport. As well as developing a wide range of skills, we find this holistic approach increases motivation and has a strong impact on academic success.

A pupil laughing

We put our pupils' happiness first

We understand that, in order to succeed academically and creatively, our pupils need to feel secure and happy. Our family system means that all students are valued as individuals and have a safe place from which to flourish.

A lecture theatre at UCL

Our students are welcome at the world's best universities

Excellent grades alone are no longer enough to gain access to the best universities – students need talent, passion, motivation and creativity to differentiate them from the rest. Our unique BiBac® programme provides just this and opens doors to the best universities in Spain, the UK and the USA.

Our students have the personal qualities needed for success

We support our students’ moral and social development by keeping our values at the forefront of everything we do. As a result, our students develop outstanding personal qualities and become well-rounded young people ready to make a meaningful contribution to modern society.

The British Council logo on the school building

We are the only British Council school

As part of the British Council, we belong to an international educational network and have excellent opportunities to participate in cultural activities on a global scale.