A skill for life

Our Early years pupils start speaking in public at three years old. In Primary they begin to compete in Choral Speaking competitions and grow in confidence performing poems and dramatic pieces as a group, in front of an audience. In Secondary, pupils learn the art of declamation, reciting notable speeches from history and gaining the confidence to speak by themselves in public at the very highest level.

Public speaking helps pupils develop skills that will benefit them throughout their professional lives:

  • pronunciation
  • vocabulary and grammar
  • intonation
  • non verbal communication
  • effective use of silence, pause and other techniques.

Debate through the Model United Nations

Our Bibac® students have the chance to participate in the Model United Nations, a global programme where students simulate diplomacy and international relations through debate and negotiation.

Students who take part are able to provide evidence of the learning and leadership experiences so sought after by universities. The programme also positively reinforces values like respect, dignity, tolerance and solidarity.

"It showed me a lot of skills that could not have been learned any other way than by putting them into practice. For example, it taught me to think on my feet and come up with arguments out of the blue and be able to debate on a certain idea that might not be your own point of view…" – Nuria, Model United Nations student

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