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British Council

Giving our teachers the support they need to provide a world-class education 

Every pupil in our care is entitled to the very best learning experience. In order to achieve this, we provide our teachers with the very best training, coaching, resources, appraisal and support processes.

How we support our teachers

  • New teachers receive a comprehensive induction, during which our mission, vision and expectations are explained. 
  • We invite guest speakers to deliver training on improvements to the English national curriculum.
  • All teachers are observed at least three times per year. Our observation teams have been trained by Roehampton University, and are therefore able to provide the most relevant and helpful feedback to help teachers progress.
  • Any teacher found to be in need of support will quickly be engaged by their line manager to identify the most appropriate support, which may be in school, an external training course or a visit to schools in UK. 

How we recognise and reward excellent teachers

Outstanding teachers are recognised through our Excellent Practitioners Scheme. This unique scheme was created jointly with, and is underwritten by, Roehampton University. It provides teachers with:

  • a route to promotion and recognition whilst retaining them in a teaching role
  • mentoring and training opportunities to support other staff who seek improvement. 

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