Our pupils follow the English national curriculum until the end of Secondary, when they progress to our unique BiBac® (Bilingual Baccalaureate) programme. This is complemented by classes of Spanish Culture (Geography and History), Language and Literature, taught in Spanish. 

In their final year of Secondary, students take IGCSE/International GCSE exams. The Spanish Ministery of Education recognises the results of IGCSE/International GCSE exams as equivalent to the Spanish Title of Graduation in Educación Secundaria Oblogatoria (ESO).

What is the English national curriculum?

The English national curriculum is a structure that schools use to make sure teaching and learning are balanced and consistent.

It defines:

  • the subjects taught
  • the knowledge, skills and understanding required in each subject
  • the level of ability pupils are expected to achieve in each subject
  • the way pupil´s progress is assessed and reported.

Within this structure, schools are free to plan and organise teaching and learning in the way that best meets the needs of their pupils.

What are key stages and how do they compare to Spanish stages?

The national curriculum is split up into ‘key stages’. Teachers formally assess pupil's performance at the end of each key stage.

  British Council School Spanish system
School year (age) Key stage (section) Stage
Pre Nursery (2-3) Foundation (Early years) Pre infantil
Nursery (3-4) Foundation (Early years) 1 curso infantil
Reception (4-5) 2 curso infantil
Year 1 (5-6) KS1 (Primary) 3 curso infantil
Year 2 (6-7) 1 curso primaria
Year 3 (7-8) 2 curso primaria
Year 4 (8-9) KS2 (Primary) 3 curso primaria
Year 5 (9-10) 4 curso primaria
Year 6 (10-11) 5 curso primaria
Year 7 (11-12) KS3 (Secondary) 6 curso primaria
Year 8 (12-13) 1 curso secundaria
Year 9 (13-14) 2 curso secundaria
Year 10 (14-15) KS4 (Secondary) 3 curso secundaria
Year 11 (15-16) 4 curso secundaria

Our BiBac® (bilingual baccalaureate) programme for 16 to 18 is unique to the British Council School (Colegio Británico de Madrid en Somosaguas).

1º Bachillerato (16-17) BiBac®  (bilingual baccalaureate) Year 11
2º Bachillerato (17-18) Year 12

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