One of our families at our Family Olympics
One of our families at our Family Olympics ©

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Integration, wellbeing and care

Our family system is similar to the British style house system described in the Harry Potter books. All pupils age 5 to 18 belong to one of six families. Each family is led by a Family Leader, a teacher who is responsible for the wellbeing of their pupils. 

We were the first school in Spain to introduce a system of this kind. 

What are the benefits of our family system?

  • Students from the same family help each other and work as a team, increasing feelings of belonging, solidarity and tolerance.
  • It makes the transition through the school stages easier.
  • Younger children benefit from the support and experience of older children.
  • Older children thrive on the responsibility of a mentoring role.
  • Family leaders form long-lasting relationships with pupils as they move through the school.
  • Forming relationships with children of all ages promotes social skills.
  • Sports tournaments between families fosters a healthy sense of competition.
  • Pupils of all ages appreciate the importance of belonging to a meaningful community and forming lasting bonds amongst their peers.

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