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The best possible start to life after school

Our students are welcome in the best universities across Spain, the UK and the rest of the world. While this opens a whole lot of opportunities, it also raises the need for guidance and support. Our careers and university guidance team help parents and students to make informed decisions on the best possible study options.

What we do

We encourage students to start thinking about university options in Year 11 with the help of their family leaders. In Year 12 we support students to prepare their personal statement and decide which degree to pursue and which university to apply to.

Students have access to:

  • external and internal university fairs
  • special guest talks
  • visits to state universities in Madrid
  • work-shadowing experiences
  • community service programmes
  • events where alumni share their experiences and provide guidance and encouragement. 

Our careers and university guidance team:

  • provide personalised advice and guidance on individual interests, concerns, motivations and aspirations
  • help students draft their motivational letter, application form, and personal statement in a way that will set them apart from other applicants
  • prepare students both in writing and verbally through a mock interview
  • give students continuous guidance and support from the moment they take their Bilingual Baccalaureate exams up until they go on to university.

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