The British Council promotes and fosters living together (convivencia), respect, tolerance, the effective exercise of rights and the fulfilment of duties to ensure an adequate school climate, respect of our students towards the staff and the entire educational community, as well as acceptance by parents of their responsibility and collaboration in the education of children.
The British Council educational community includes all students, teachers and teaching staff (as well as trainee teachers), leadership teams, administration, maintenance, cleaning, dining, bus routes and security staff and of course, parents and guardians.
 All students are expected to meet at least the basic obligations detailed below, with the support of their parents or guardians: 

  • Attend all classes.
  • Be punctual.
  • Behave appropriately and have a good attitude in class, in the playground, in the sports and recreation areas, toilets, dining room, and all other areas of school (including during all extracurricular activities).
  • Respect and behave correctly towards other students, teachers, management and all members of the educational community. In no case will any type of aggression, physical or verbal violent behaviour be tolerated nor will acts of bullying, humiliation, putting others down or any vexatious behaviour towards any member of the educational community.
  • Complete and hand in all tasks which are assigned to be completed both in and outside class time including tasks which are set on the school’s online platform.
  • Respect and meet the guidelines set out in rules, instructions and policies related to the use of digital platforms, computer systems, technological media, video conferencing systems etc.
  • Care for and respect for the facilities and material provided by the School for students and teachers.
  • The use of mobile phones and other electronic devices or indeed any item which distracts the student or classmates is not permitted. All electronic devices should be turned off.
  • Correct use of the school uniform.

The rules set out in this code of conduct are mandatory for all students in school (as are all those which are related to and developed alongside the code of conduct).The rules that appear in the Code of Conduct are educational and aim to help create an appropriate climate of respect and responsibility and effort in learning all of which are necessary for the school to function.

Reviewed on July 2021

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