Regular attendance and punctually are mandatory and vital if students are to benefit fully by the academic activities offered by the School. Progression and continuity are essential in the learning process and this is the reason why our School aims to ensure student’s full and punctual attendance. 

The role of parents

We expect and encourage parents to support and ensure their children achieve maximum possible attendance and that any problems that prevent this are identified and acted on promptly

Parents must:

  • notify the school as soon as possible by telephone or email if their child is not able to attend through sickness or other valid reason for absence (e.g. emergency dentist appointment)
  • place a note in their child’s planner on the day of their return
  • avoid making non-emergency medical/dental appointments for their child during school hours.

Unacceptable reasons for absence include:

  • looking after brothers and sisters
  • holidays
  • birthdays
  • general trips, e.g. shopping

Parents do not have the right to take their child out of school for a holiday during term time and we do not authorise any holidays taken during the academic year.

The role of students

Students are responsible of maintaining their attendance and punctuality at the highest level.

They must:

  • attend all lessons on time and equipped
  • follow school procedures if they arrive late for school.

The role of teachers

Teachers must:

  • provide a positive proactive ethos which places a high value on attendance and punctuality
  • ensure that all procedures are followed correctly.