1. Policy statement

British Council School is an independent British bilingual and bicultural coeducational day school for pupils aged 2 to 18. It is owned by British Council and is registered in Spain as a private British school up to Year 11 (according to Spanish legislation for foreign schools) and as a private Spanish school in Years 12 and 13.

British Council operates a policy of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), and we are committed to ensuring there is no unjustified discrimination in the admission of pupils on the grounds of race, gender, religion or physical disability.

All applications are subject to an assessment process to ensure the child is able to benefit from the School bilingual and bicultural provision. The format of the assessment will differ according to the age of the applicant. From Year 2 onwards this includes written assessment.

The Admissions Committee considers applications for year groups based on the calendar year of birth of students, in accordance with Spanish legislation.

Once in the school pupils are normally offered a place for the following year through the annual re-registration process.

The final decision about enrolment and re-enrolment rests with the School.

The Admissions Policy is inextricably linked to:

  • Additional Needs Policy
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • Child Protection Policy

For more information please see the school website.


2. Admissions Criteria

The Admissions Committee will consider the following factors in determining offers of place:

  • Siblings of current students
  • Children of Alumni
  • Date application received by Admissions
  • The School aims to achieve a balance of genders in each Pre-Nursery and Nursery group
  • Results of Assessment

No place will be offered until all Application Documentation is deemed by the Admissions Committee to be fully completed.

3. The Admissions Process


  • The offer of places begins in October.
  • Visits may be arranged with the Admissions office during term time via the online booking platform on the school website.
  • Applications will normally be reviewed from October onwards for the following school year.
  • Occasionally pupils are admitted during the school year.

Pre-Nursery y Nursery

Applications for places more than 12 months in advance may be accepted.

Primaria y Secundaria

The entrance testing period for Primary and Secondary normally begins in February

3.2.Initial Application

The following documentation is required before an application can be considered:

  •  Application form
  • Previous school academic reports (from Reception upwards)
  • British Council School admissions test results

The School will contact applicants to confirm receipt and discuss next stages in the application process. 

3.3.Entrance tests

Entrance tests will normally be administered in school from February onwards. Pupils applying from outside Spain may take the entrance tests at their existing school if supervision is assured. 

Students applying for places in Year 2 to Year 13 and above will be tested on English First Language (written and oral), Spanish First Language (written and oral) and Maths. For Years 7-11 applicants will also be tested in Science.  Additional subjects may be tested for applications to Years 12 and 13 depending on area of specialisation.

4. Early Years Foundation Stage

Entry to Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception

Pupils enter Pre-Nursery, Nursery or Reception in September in the calendar year that they turn 2, 3 or 4 years old (before December 31st) respectively. There is no entrance test for children applying for these year groups.



Entry to Year 1

Applicants should provide academic reports to accompany their application and may have an informal assessment. An interview with the Head of the Early Years Section or the Admissions Manager is scheduled.

Entry to Years 2 to 6

Pupils applying for admission from Year 2 upwards must provide recent academic reports and take an entrance test in written and spoken English and Spanish, and Maths.


Entry to Secondary Years 7-11

Pupils applying for admission from Year 7 upwards must provide recent academic reports and take an entrance test in English, Spanish, Maths and Science.

Years 10 y 11

These years constitute a two year programme., therefore places for Year 11 are very rarely offered. Pupils normally take 8 mandatory and 2 optional subjects.  All pupils must achieve at least 5 A* - C passes at IGCSE/International GCSE/GCSE at the end of Year 11, to ensure recognition in the Spanish system (convalidación) and permit progression to Year 12.  

Entry to BiBac ® Years 12 and 13

Students applying for entrance to BiBac ® must provide full recent academic reports and are assessed on English, Spanish, Maths and Science, depending on their subject choices.

They will normally be expected to have at least 6 IGCSE/International GCSE/GCSE at grade B or above, including English, Spanish and Maths, or have the Spanish Graduado de ESO certificate or equivalent. Students will also be expected to have at least CEFR B2 level in English.


7.Formal Offer of a Place

The School will contact successful applicants to either offer a place in School or a place on the waiting list.  

In order to secure a provisional place applicants must provide the following documentation by a given deadline:

  • Proof of identity of pupil (Passport, Birth Certificate, DNI or equivalent)
  • Proof of identity of parents/legal guardian(s)
  • Bank transfer proof of payment of enrolment fee
  • Enrolment form signed by both parents/guardians
  • Medical form
  • Bus service application (if applicable)

Once payment is received and documentation is complete the School will confirm a place in writing.

Adopted:        October 2018                                  Review:      October 2020

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