Norberto flying a plane

British Council

An Aeronautical Engineer in the making

Norberto graduated from the British Council School in 2013.

“The British Council School is greatly responsible for who I am today, as I've been given the best education possible over the years. I'd say the way I learnt English is the most important thing the British Council School has given me. The knowledge I've gained has enabled me to enter the world of aviation, at Imperial College London, in which English is the predominant and main language. Had it not been for the English I've learnt here, I'm quite sure I'd be doing something completely different. I've also had the opportunity to apply to top-class universities worldwide thanks to the excellent skills I've gained over the years. Language barriers were never a problem.

The teachers were a key part of the education I received and I can say that all of them are top-notch! They have not only helped me develop academic skills, but also personal ones. That is very important and I'm confident that is the reason why I am who I am today.

I've been able to take opportunities that would otherwise have been impossible, like attending Imperial College in London after the DuPerier Science Project. That experience certainly showed me what scientific research was about and the two weeks I spent at Imperial taught me to really not let opportunities slip away and try to take on as much as possible.

The British Council School has given me the skills and opportunities I've needed to end up doing what I like best. Achieving my dreams of becoming a pilot and studying Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial is all thanks to the School and the great teachers I've had."

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