Gadea swimming with a dolphin

British Council

From British Council School to Marine Biologist

Gadea graduated from the British Council School in 2006.

“The education I received at the British Council School gave me the opportunity to explore, study and work around the world. While attending British Council School, I had the privilege of travelling to Botswana and helping two impoverished schools. This experience changed my life and made me realise that the world is too big to leave it unexplored – there are too many wonderful things to do and see!

The English language proficiency that I attained at BCS as well as the exams that I took over the course of my school years also allowed me to achieve one of my lifetime goals: becoming a marine biologist. My travels led me to Hawaii Pacific University, where I was granted a scholarship and where I have spent some of the most wonderful times of my life.

I don't think I will ever be thankful enough to my parents for taking me to British Council School and instilling that yearning for adventure in me. Ever since I finished my degree I have been working on marine acoustics, trying to decipher what cetaceans say to each other! And here I was, thinking that English and Spanish were the most important languages I would need to travel the world! It's funny how I ended up studying yet another language; the language of marine mammals!”

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