A Bwato charity project in Africa

British Council

Working with the Asociación Intercultural Bwato

Clara graduated from the British Council School in 2013 and Mikaela graduated in 2012. Clara studies English Economics at the Universidad Carlos III and Psychology through Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia. Mikaela studies Medicine at San Pablo CEU.

They both work with the Asociación Intercultural Bwato, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) run by Jean de Dieu Madangi, one of our teachers. The NGO aims to create and enhance a space for cultural exchange, promote international cooperation for the development of African countries, encourage the integration of immigrants and endorse, within the current legislation, appropriate actions to help solve their problems. 

“The language skills (English, French and Spanish) we acquired at British Council School have helped us achieve many academic and professional opportunities. Moreover, its teaching methods have shown us how to embrace public speaking, solve everyday situations through creative thinking and how to make the most of all the opportunities that we have encountered in our lives.

Today, we look at ourselves as educated and active women with the desire to make a positive contribution and change in the lives of those who did not have the opportunities and fortune that we had when growing up at the British Council School.” – Clara

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