By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

23 May 2017 - 10:40

Workshop 2.0

On the 10th of May, led by Sharon Conlisk, parents were able to take part in Workshop 2.0. This was a workshop designed especially, in order to get them used to the on-line apps which the children use at School. On what proved to be a very interesting and productive day all round, parents learnt how to use  Britanica, doodle and frogplay.

In a very educational tutorial, Sharon Conlisk, presented to parents the main improvements and games that can be found on intranet FROG and how to navigate the different department pages and games available on FROGPLAY. Another extremely practical application which highlights the Schools' commitment to new technologies, is Doddle. Here, teachers can post and mark homework and students as well as being able to put forward their work, can also raise queries and ask questions. The third key application was Britannica, the on-line encyclopedia which means that students don't have to resort to relying on less reliable searches when they are looking for information or doing their homework.

The School believes that the use of new technologies in the classroom is a very important part of the curriculum and that's why we are developing this continually. It represents a different way of learning, more appealing and more fun; it heightens students' interest, imagination and creativity. The use of new technologies also raises the performance of less motivated or less able children because they are often able to retain concepts better when these are presented in a less traditional, more audio visual way.