By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

21 March 2017 - 08:36

Saint David

For hundreds of years, Saint David's Day, commemorating the patron Saint of Wales, has been celebrated on the 1st of March. Although it's not an official public holiday in the UK, the day is marked by special religious celebrations, parades, street parties and sporting events. It is also usual for Welsh people to dress up in national costume which always includes a yellow daffodil on the lapel. This flower is the Welsh national symbol and its bright yellow colour, is also the colour of Saint David.

At School, our students were also able to take part in this beautiful tradition and came to class wearing yellow. Using a variety of games and workshops, they were able to learn more about this country, which is part of the UK.

It is said that Saint David's most famous miracle took part as he was preaching amongst a group of people. When those furthest away comlained that they could not hear or see him, the ground under his feet rose up and became a small hill, from which everyone could see him. A white dove rested on his shoulder, a symbol of divine blessing. This is why in paintings, Saint David is usually represented with a dove on his shoulder.