British Council School con los huérfanos de Uganda

Caring is one of the School´s five key Values. It is also very important to our students. As they pass though our classrooms they have a whole range of options available, supporting other communities and showing their commitment to others. That´s why, when they leave School, they take with them the essence of these Values and hold onto these throughout their lives.

This is what happened to one of our alumni, Juan Castiella. He works with Babies Uganda, an NGO which runs two orphanages, Entebbe and Kikaya, in Uganda. They provide support for almost 40 babies. Juan got in touch with the School and through the Volunteering Society, we have been able to help this wonderful cause. This is really valuable work, thanks to the earnest commitment from all the people involved in the project, both locally and in Spain.

Working through the Society, which has Macu as its Ambassador, we responded to their request for English language teaching material. English, along with Luganda, is one of the official languages there. Thanks to our students´ donations and courtesy of our BIOOR project, we were able to send several boxes of books in English for children and teenagers. These are very sought after and difficult for them to get hold of.

Our thanks to Juan for continuing to be associated with our School, because, it is initiatives like this one, which really highlight the importance of our School Societies.