By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

21 October 2019 - 11:45

We remain committed to the cultural traditions of British Sport. As such, the School is very happy to promote Cricket, which is considered the national sport in England and one of the most popular throughout the World, especially amongst Commonwealth countries. Earlier this month, our students were able to amply show off their cricketing prowess winning the International Schools´ Competition, beating Holy Mary, Maxwell and St. George´s Schools.

Cricket has many different advantages. It requires strength and agility to be able to throw and catch the ball repeatedly throughout long matches. It also requires a great level of concentration. The development of hand to eye coordination means that a cricket player also develops stamina and focus. These are also important qualities which children should develop from an early age.

Although the exact origin of Cricket is not known and open to a myriad of speculation, most researchers agree that it was invented by children in Kent and Sussex villages in the Middle Ages. The first documented evidence of Cricket goes back to the year 1550, played by students at the Royal Grammar School in Guildford. It is also known that at that time it was also being played in other English schools. Later, through the 17th Century, it spread through the south of England, with games organised for 11 players on each side. In fact, the first match ever registered took place in Coxheath in Kent, in 1646.

By the end of the 18th Century, it had already become the national Sport in England and the setting up of the Marylebone Cricket Club(MCC) meant that rules were agreed and the game was regulated until 1959. After that, there were further changes and the first World Cup was held in 1975. 

Total victory at the Girls´7-a-side Football Tournament

Unbeaten, with a clean score sheet, our Girls in Y6 to Y9 who were representing the School at the 7-a-side Football Tournament organised by Runnymede, were justly crowned Champions. They provided an excellent example of fair play, teamwork and technical ability.

5 matches played, 5 wins, with 18 goals in favour and none against. But the statistics were not the only brilliant performance on display. On each occasion they played, both on and off the field, our players showed exemplary behaviour, respect and sportsmanship. This was also acknowledged by the other players, the referees and all the teachers from the other Schools.

The School would like to pass on, our most sincere congratulations on such a clear victory which surely means that our players are amongst the very best. And, we mustn´t forget all their teachers and coaches who instill in our students, values that go beyond Sport. These will stay with them for the rest of their lives, whatever future paths they choose.


Congratulations once again! Here´s to a new academic year full of many other achievements!