By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

23 October 2017 - 16:30

Once again this year, our students gave their all as volunteers in the 7th Madrid Down Syndrome Race. This is now an established date with the objective of supporting the integration of those people with Down Syndrome and other mental disabilities. The race took place on the 1st of October in Madrid´s Juan Carlos I Park. Almost 4000 people participated and the monies raised will be used to develop new projects and leisure and sporting activities for Down Syndrome people or those suffering from other mental illnesses.

This charity challenge took place across three different distances: a 2.5 km walking race, a 5 km race and a 10 km race including both professional runners and sportsmen as well as amateurs. “It´s a real success to have almost 4000 participants in what is a family charity event and also includes dozens of volunteers who make the whole thing possible, and who ensure that the race has greater numbers and greater visibility each year” said Inés Álvarez Arancedo, the President of Down Madrid.

As well as the British Council School volunteers who help in the running of the event each year, the now, traditional race, has the support and sponsorship of many businesses which were also thanked. The organisation acknowledged their participation towards a day which highlights values such as solidarity, effort and overcoming challenges. As Inés Álvarez said, it´s thanks to all these businesses, “that we are able to make this race a reality as well as allowing us to run other sporting activities throughout the whole year”.

It´s an honour and a real pleasure for the School to make a contribution towards the race. It develops values which are also key in our own ways of developing education.