By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

27 March 2019 - 10:07

What happens when an ass, a dog, a cat and a cock, who have run away from their owners to escape certain death, get together, and become friends? And what if what brings them together is not just their crazy journey and their friendship, but also Music? We have been able to find out, because over these last few weeks, our KS1 students have performed the famous Grimm Brothers story, in the musical The Musicians of Bremen. A total of six successful performances at the British Council School Theatre, where you can still hear the echos from all the applause coming from parents and teachers.

The story in Jakob Grimm´s The Musicians of Bremmen, is about four animals, an ass, a dog, a cat and a cock who live in the town of Dibbsersen, in Lower Saxony, in Germany. Their owners have decided to kill them because they are too old to do their work, they are no longer needed and are just an expense. The animals meet up once they have all escaped from their individual owners and they decide to travel to the city of Bremen.

The School believes that Theatre is a fundamental tool in the development of children, and that´s why it is part of the academic programme for all sections of the School. Students who wish to, can also study Drama at IGCSE level. Throughout their time at School, our students perform in both English and Spanish. Some of the most important occasions are the Spring Musicals and this year the chosen production was The Musicians of Bremen.

Amongst other things, Theatre stimulates the imagination, builds self-confidence and self-esteem, develops talents and promotes creativity and leadership. And it is  certainly obvious, over these last few days, that our students are not lacking in performance skills...