By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

31 January 2020 - 09:19

Team spirit, sportsmanship and fairplay are some of the values which the School wants to instill in our students. Specially when they play sports but in all other areas as well. This week, the School has provided an excellent example of this by organising a Hockey Clinic for Year and Year 9 International Schools, Holy Mary, Maxwell and Hastings. Once again, we were able to count on the generous help and support of the Pozuelo Hockey Club.

Held on two separate days (Tuesday and Thursday), the clinic, a kind of intensive training, was given by some of the professionals at the Hockey Club in Pozuelo. On this occasion, the teams were made up by mixing students from all four schools and both of the different year groups. A real testimony of diversity and camaraderie, which goes hand in hand with the sporting spirit with which we try to instill our students, at School.

The Clinic was not about winning, but nevertheless, all our students were fully committed to trying to achieve a win. They made up really strong and cohesive teams as well as showing that they could play fair and work together. Congratulations on what were some important and enjoyable days, getting to know this Sport better, understanding all its rules and appreciating its inspirational values!

And, thank you again to the Pozuelo Hockey Club without whose help we could not have organised these competitions on School grounds. On behalf of the School, we would like to acknowledge their role in making Hockey a benchmark sport in the area, since the 80s. The CHP is considered one of the best Hockey schools in Spain with a a great level and good results in top national competitions. Their long, hard work in Pozuelo was recognised, when they were awarded the Plaque of Honour for Spanish Hockey in 2011, given by The Spanish Royal Hockey Federation.