By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

04 March 2019 - 17:14

The countdown to Spring has begun. We are kicking off March and have started filling the School with colour from the very first day of the month. We have been celebrating Carnival and St David´s, the patron saint of Wales. In fancy dress, or clothed in yellow or in typical Welsh costume, our students took part in different assemblies throughout the day, enjoying the celebrations with all their friends and the whole School community.

We had superheroes, princesses, elves, imperial soldiers, fairies and all kinds of other magical and enchanting creatures who took over the corridors and playgrounds of the British Council School to celebrate Carnival. The School was awash with colour, with yellow standing out particularly as the colour of St David and of this most special day of celebration.

The 1st of March is the precise date to celebrate St David´s Day, commemorating the date of his death, believed to be in 589 a.d. Celebrations on this day usually include yellow daffodils and leeks, respectively the emblems of Wales and St David.

According to scholars, St David founded a Celtic monastery in Glyn Rhosyn, The Valley of the Roses, and it became an important Christian sanctuary. In its place today, there is St David´s Cathedral. His fame as a teacher spread amongst Celtic Christians and he helped them to found around 12 other monasteries.

What better way to finish the week and kick off a new month than by celebrating Carnival and St David´s Day. Everyone let loose with lots of colour, tradition and of course, a great deal of fun...