By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

21 May 2019 - 10:04

The playground at British Council School was filled with games, fun and a lot of support for a very special party. One which we were truly privileged to host this year. On the 11th of May, we joined the “Little Warriors” initiative. This is a project which is organised by the Madrid Community Firemen. It aims to energise and entertain children who are seriously ill, by giving them the opportunity to spend a fun day out of hospital with their families.

Around 40 students from Year 12 volunteered to spend a day alongside the Firemen in hosting an unforgettable day for the children and their families. As well as giving them a very warm welcome, our students organised games and had a great day full of laughter and fun. Our students showed, once again, how important it is for the School to show their support by helping others. Caring, is of course, one of our most important values. One which we try to pass onto our students, from when they first enter our classrooms.

The Firemen were responsible for getting the children to School and they even managed to climb aboard a fire truck, and also try on the uniforms and helmets which the Firemen wear, when they go into action. Once at School, there were a lot of different and exciting activities, games, workshops, face-painting, a foam party and of course, good music too.

Certainly an unforgettable day for everybody and one which the Firemen´s Help Association later thanked the School for, on social media. What an honour and a real pleasure it was, to be able to collaborate on such a beautiful and much needed initiative! Thank you for counting on the British Council School, and we hope to see you again, next year, if we can...