By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

28 January 2020 - 09:24

Always open to establishing new links and very much in line with our international and multicultural spirit, our Headmistress Mercedes Hernández Estrada, took part in the “International School Awards”, which were held  in London on the 20th of January. The event brought together more than 225 prominent people from international Schools and other educational institutions around the world. The winner of the Best International School Award 2020, was St Andrew International School Bangkok (Thailand), praised for their environmental project “Eco-Beast”.

The annual International School Awards sponsored by ISC Research, recognize the most outstanding initiatives in English international Schools throughout the world. The award categories include the wellbeing and protection of the School, the support offered to students as future innovators and thought leaders, inclusivity, support for students of differing abilities moving onto higher education, the use of digital technology in education, and the promotion of ethical values.

This year, there were 225 submissions presented at the awards, all these from eligible international schools in 40 different countries, including Guatemala, Colombia, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and South Korea. An independent jury made up 11 very prestigious, international educators was responsible for choosing the winners.

St Andrews International Primary School from Bangkok, was awarded the prize for  Best International School 2020, for their environmental project, which the jury described as “extremely powerful”. Their 'Eco beasts' initiative is demonstrating collective and sustainable change through a series of plans led by students tackling a number of environmental challenges. In fact, after the success of the initial project, the School has hired two environmental sustainability coordinators, developed a web-page which offers downloadable resources and also organised a day of community action. They have succeeded in taking the initiative beyond the School walls and included 17 other local Schools as well as 14 other local organizations dedicated to environmental sustainability.