By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

30 April 2019 - 11:20

In April, our students from Primary Year 4 were able to take a journey through time. For a moment, they became the first artists in History, pretending to be hunters who then made cave-paintings with their own hands. This was a fun way of running through Pre-History with workshops such as this one, another decorating ceramic jugs or another learning more about the very first musical instruments. The event took place at the Arqueopinto Museum of Pre-History in Madrid.

Arqueopinto is a museum which allows visitors to discover how our ancestors lived their daily lives. To do this, it uses recreation, reconstruction, and staging techniques, archeological replicas and even live demonstrations. There are no original pieces which means that children can touch and play, learning first-hand what it must have been like. The historical period goes from our early African ancestors, over 2 million years ago, to the Neolithic Period, around only 5000 years ago.

After the visit there were further workshops about Pre-History and the Egyptian Period. There were activities to learn more about cave painting, what they were painting and the materials they were using. Our students also tried their hand at decorating ceramic jugs using sponges and natural paints, in a different workshop. And also another to learn more about the very first musical instruments such as buzzers and how they were decorated. They also learned how to make necklaces out of soft stone materials and an activity around finger-painting with clay, from Egyptian times.

There is no better way to learn about History, than by traveling through time to try and understand first-hand, what it was like to live then...