Policy Statement

The British Council School recognises that we have a fundamental duty of care towards all of the pupils we engage with, including a duty to protect them from any type of abuse.

We achieve this through compliance with Spanish and UK child protection laws and development of policies and procedures tailored to our needs.

The British Council School will not be responsible for pupils who are outside the School premises. As part of our commitment to the care and welfare of pupils we have an Arrivals and Departures policy to cover:

  • Pupil arrival at School
  • Pupil exit from School

The policy is differentiated by School Section.

Pupils from Early Years and Primary

  • Arrival: Pupils should be under the supervision of parents/carers until they have passed through the School gates in the morning.
  • Departure: The School will only handover pupils to:
  1. Parents/guardians
  2. An adult, or Secondary age sibling, authorised by parent/guardians according to established School process.


  • Pupils of this age are permitted greater autonomy at normal entrance and exit times. School procedures are established to clarify expected behaviour. 
  • Exit from School out of normal hours is only allowed with parent/guardian and School authorisation.


This policy covers normal School hours which are 9:05 - 16:35. School gates are open from 8:30 -17:00. The same principles are applied to school run activities out of normal School hours and the School bus service.

This policy is inextricably linked to School Section Codes of Conduct, the Child Protection Policy and Bus Manual.


We believe good pupil protection requires everyone to take responsibility. All members of the school community including parents, students and staff are expected to implement this policy.

The policy has the following objectives:

  • To clarify School and parent normal responsibilities through the pupil entrance and exit process
  • To clarify differences in policy and procedures according to School Section (Early Years, Infant School El Viso, Primary and Secondary)
  • To set clear procedures and responsibilities for exceptional situations.
  • To ensure all school community is informed of the policy and procedures
  • To ensure the safety of pupils whilst they are in school.


 Detailed procedures are established by each School section/centre to cover the arrival and departure process for students.

If any pupils are temporarily unable to follow the established process for any reason then the School must be notified at least 24 hours in advance to allow assessment of requirements to be carried out