By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

05 April 2017 - 12:42

Palabras de Caramelo

On the 30th, the author of 'Palabras de Caramelo' (Caramel Words), Gonzalo Moure, came to the Library to speak to our students from Year 5. They had all previously read the book in class, and had lots of questions prepared, to ask the author.

'Palabras de Caramelo' is a story about the friendship between a deaf Saharan boy and a camel. It has been adapted for film, and was nominated for a Goya for Best Short Documentary, earlier this year.

Gonzalo told us about how he first had the idea for his novel and spoke to us about the real people who had inspired his characters. He told us about his life in the Sahara, about how beautiful the desert is and what it's like, on a moonless night, to feel like you can touch the stars. He spoke to us about the meaning of 'chickpeas and jasmine' the difference between what one needs and what is good to have. And explained how to tell a story without words, spoke to us about love and the dependence between man and animals. In essence he spoke to us about life itself and also about a new verb he has invented: “escrivivir”, to write-live.

Ana Asín García de los Ríos| Librarian