By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

23 March 2017 - 09:55

Parry Aftab

Ready, steady, app! After several months of students' hard work after the Hackathon which we celebrated in September, Parry Aftab was once again at School on the 11th of March. With the goal of giving the final push on the Hackathon winning apps, Parry and her team got together with the students, shared ideas and provided some of the finishing touches to these, before they were launched for real. The Stop Ciberbullying team worked on the final development, the look and feel, with ideas put forward by our students.

Divided into different functions, just like a real company (IT, graphic designers, marketeers, etc.), the winners of the 3 final apps got together to share ideas and create a final app, taking the best from each of the three finalists as regards, concept, functionality and design.

Next 17th of May, on the Day of the Internet and Social Media, Parry will officially present the app, Stop Ciberbullyng, to prevent and fight against cyberbullying at the British Council School.