By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

16 November 2015 - 09:19

On November 11th the Girls Y8 and 9 basketball championship for International Schools took place at Kensington school involving ten British schools from Madrid.

Our team was led by two students from GCSE PE: Alexandra and Chiara, who for the last six weeks have trained the team of students from year 8 and 9 in their recess following a work plan that Alejandra had developed.

The play exhibited by the team throughout the tournament was excellent with a hustling team defence and an effective counter attack in which our players shone especially as our team were the top scorers in the group games and the semifinals.

All players of year 8 and 9 did their best and supported each other in every game, they competed with sportsmanship and congratulated the opposition after each match.

Two of the players were injured during the tournament, but far from affecting the morale of the team, they concentrated on playing well for those who could no longer do so.

In the end, we tried to bring the trophy but the girls had given everything to reach the final. These students won the silver for second place, we should be proud of their team spirit and their sportsmanship and the two bright young coaches who were a great example for all of them and achieved a well-deserved silver medal for the College.

Congratulations players and coaches: Alejandra, Chiara, Elena (captain), Covadonga, Isabel, Lucia, Alicia, Elena, Alba, Natalia, Maria and Carlota.

Maria Moreira and Iain Watson