By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

08 March 2016 - 14:28


On the 1st of March we celebrated Saint David's day, the Patron Saint of Wales. On this day, our students were allowed to come into school dressed in yellow or in Welsh national costume. This was also an opportunity for the Schools' Volunteer Citizenship and Solidarity

Association to raise funds for BIOOR. We took advantage of the Saint David's celebrations to sell daffodil pins made from yellow fabric. These were sourced through the Marie Curie Cancer Research Association.

Saint David was a celtic monk, abbott and bishop who lived in the 6th Century. At the time, he was archbishop of Wales and one of the first saints who helped to spread Christianity amongst pagan celts throughout the west of Great Britain.

The first symbols to appear on the logo are the leak and the daffodil. The origins of this symbol come from a battle which took part in a field of leaks. The King advised his warriors to wear a distinctive emblem on their helmets to distinguish friend from foe. This ruse helped them to win the fight. The Welsh celebrate this day with daffodils and leaks, these two plants are considered the national emblems of Wales.

Our pupils provided more than a few rays of sunshine on a day full of support and celebration.