By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

03 February 2016 - 13:06


Public speaking is a skill which our British Council School students develop from an early age. Getting up on a stage is part of everyday life and their oratory abilities are pretty good. A good example of this was the magnificent presentation on Robotics give by our Year 6 students to those who attended the School Theatre last January. How they had built their robots, the problems they had come across, the flexibility and perseverence that they had put into their projects and the end result. All of these great examples of the work they had done in class.

Robotics is an activity which is currently practiced by many students from Primary through to Secondary. More and more in demand. Fun, strategic thinking, logic, teamwork, effort and a successful outcome are the key factors to building a robot and making it navigate a maze.

These were the qualities put forward by students using class videos to show what they are able to achieve, together with their new friends, the “Robotics”.