By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

28 April 2017 - 11:24

Gloria Fuertes

“Estaba la pájara pinta
sentada en un verde limón.
Con el pico cortaba la rama,
con la rama cortaba la flor”

2017 marks the first Centenary of the birth of Gloria Fuertes, known as the Children's Poet. Our children from Primary were able to get close to the spirit of this great woman, at an exhibition organised by the Fernán Gómez Theatre. The day was about commemorating a Centenary of Gloria Fuertes' life and work.

She was a poet for children, but also for adults. Gloria Fuertes was, above all else, a woman ahead of her time, a feminist, a pacifist, a campaigner, a surrealist, and a woman who was always on the side of the underdog, a social poet without equal.

She is a benchmark in children's poetry. Her work marks a before and after in this genre. The exhibition is a vital and artistic journey through her work. The ambition is to share her life and to help lay claim, to her rightful position in the Spanish literary world of the 20th Century.