By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

13 January 2017 - 14:35

As part of this year’s EDI Week Programme, we were delighted to receive an invitation for a return visit to El Colegio de Educación Especial Carmen Fernández-Miranda de la Fundación Síndrome de Down de Madrid whose students visited us last year on the first of these days.

Last year, students from their school came to us and joined our students in activities organised in our classrooms. This year, our Year 12 students went to their school and it was an opportunity for us to join in activities in their classrooms. We learnt how to bind books professionally, understood the technical steps in printing and worked with their students on role-plays to develop skills in customer service on the telephone. Some of our students learnt how to sew, something they had not experienced before! Once again the two groups of students and the accompanying teachers had a wonderful day enjoying learning with and from each other.

“Great. This is the first time I have done this and I would like to do it again – I enjoyed teaching others“

Student from El Colegio de Educación Especial Carmen Fernández-Miranda

“We met many new people and we have seen other ways of Learning”

Student from British Council School

This activity has become an annual event which our students not only look forward to every year but one they speak about whenever they are reflecting on activities they value at the British Council School.

So far this year, we have received recognition from the Down Madrid Foundation for our participation in their “Duatlon”, we have supported and participated in their VI Solidarity Race and sold their calendars with them to students in our school to raise funds. We look forward to many more opportunities to collaborate, learn and spend time together.