By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

11 November 2016 - 10:19

Last Tuesday November 8 Children participate in female basketball tournament for international schools held at the Kensington College. Our students played at a high level and proved to be a very cohesive and motivated team in every game.

In our first match against the Runnymede College team our students were imposed by 15 points to 2, in the second opposite Kensington B we  won again 13 to 1. The third and fourth games were again  wins for the British Council School, 24-2 against ISM and 11-3 against Saint Anne's.

Our players suffered environmental pressure and the desire to move to the end they made the attack appeared failures in the semifinal against Kensington A and lost the game 3-6. After the initial disappointment , our students rallied in search of the bronze medal to win by 14-2 to Kensington B.

Special mention to all the players for their team spirit, sportsmanship, effort and winning mentality and the motivational speech from our captain and control of the marker by our assistant coach. Congratulations on your bronze medal. Well played!

María Moreira

KS 3 Z Family Leader (Secondary), PE Teacher