By School Community

07 November 2023 - 12:51

merienda time

Welcome again to the British Council School of Madrid Blog!

We are thrilled to reclaim this space for connection and communication with our educational community. From early childhood to the pinnacle of academic development, the British Council School of Madrid takes pride in offering comprehensive education spanning from Early Years, welcoming children from the age of 2, to the culmination of our BiBac educational program, guiding 18-year-olds in their preparation for the future.

In this educational journey, we not only focus on imparting academic knowledge but also nurture fundamental values that we consider indispensable pillars in shaping well-rounded and successful individuals. Within our school community, we uphold and promote:

Caring: We understand that young individuals reach their full potential when surrounded by a caring and nurturing environment. Our family-oriented approach ensures this ambiance for each of our students.

Loyalty: Within our school units, students hold mutual responsibilities, provide support, and demonstrate loyalty to one another. We foster loyalty among all peers by periodically gathering families to strengthen this bond.

Flexibility: In a world of constant change and uncertainty, we encourage our students to embrace opportunities and explore new possibilities.

Resilience: Successful young individuals trust in their ability to overcome adversity. That's why we focus on building resilience in each of them.

Challenge: We encourage students to take on and overcome challenges, continually achieving higher goals and progressing in all aspects of their development.

At the British Council School of Madrid, our educational team is committed to the holistic growth of every student. We boast a passionate team of dedicated professionals committed to academic excellence and the emotional well-being of our students.

We are excited to share experiences, knowledge, and reflections through this blog once again. We hope this space serves as a window to strengthen bonds with you—parents, students, and members of our school community.

Thank you for being part of this exciting educational journey!

The team at the British Council School of Madrid