In celebration of the 80th anniversary of  the British Council School, we would like to express our gratitude for the warm welcome and received throughout these years by presenting the Excellence and Talent Awards 2020-21.

We are offering 8 Awards to 8 Excellent and talented students of proven academic excellence who also demonstrate outstanding achievements in other fields such as sports, music, performing and visual arts or any other discipline.The Awards carry a financial prize exclusively consisting of an 80% reduction in the enrolment and monthly tuition fees payable to the School.  

If you are an excellent student and can demonstrate outstanding talent, don’t miss this opportunity. 



Who is this for?

The Awards are designed for pupils born in 2007 or 2008 with excellent academic results, as well as a high level of English (Minimum B2) and Spanish (Lengua & Literatura), who will be enrolled for Year 8 (Spanish system – ESO year 1) and Year 9 (Spanish system – ESO year 2) in the school year 2020-21. 

Additionally, candidates will demonstrate excellence in talent in other disciplines such as music, arts, sports, community involvement, etc.

How do you apply?

Download the terms and conditions of the Award.  If you meet the requirements, send in your application form and the necessary documents through the “Apply Now” button below. Deadline for applications is the 28th of February. 

I’m already a student at the School. How do I apply?

You may pick up the  Excellence and Talent Awards Application Form at the School’s Student Services office.

All the applications will be reviewed by the British Council School Awards panel and a first shortlist of entrants for the Awards will be published in March.

During the second stage, applicants shall take a number of tests  at the British Council School 80th anniversary Excellence and Talent Awards Finals on the 21st of March.