Me quedo en casa

The British Council School, in collaboration with The Young Shakespeare Company, is offering the following resources for use until the 22nd of May.

For the 5th consecutive year, The Young Shakespeare Company shares these workshop videos with the accompanying written documents nd a workshop about Macbeth to support their learning and exploration and to share their passion for Shakespeare´s plays. 

So there are going to be lots of things for all of us to be involved in as the story and the play unfolds. You’ll need to watch and listen very carefully, have lots of imaginative ideas and be ready to leap into action or speak words when instructed. This is a great adventure for all of us 

Part 1:

Part 2:

Who this is for?

Ideal for use in Years 5-8 (British Curriculum) and in Primary 4-7 (4º-1º ESO, Spanish Curriculum) 


Understanding Shakespeare´s language

Interpreting characters´feelings and motivations

Making predictions


Writing for form, audience and purpose

Writing in role as a character

Speaking and Listening (Drama):

Following a drama performance

Accurate pronunciation

Varying tone of voice to add meaning