By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

15 October 2019 - 09:23

Andy Wright, professional storyteller, brought his own special brand of humour, magic and adventure to the School, when he visited Early Years this month. Our students thought he was fascinating as he enveloped them in his world of traditional Maori tales and other fairy stories.

This kind of experience is much more than a traditional storytelling workshop. We are able to share rich cultural content in English and at the same time use the spoken language in an exciting and fun way, using actions, sounds and rhymes to develop our children´s language skills.

Originally British, but living in New Zealand, Andy Wright is the fourth generation in a family of  “storytellers”, having learnt from his mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

Using simple stories which he tells following the old oral tradition, Wright is able to transport both young and old to a world of strange and wonderful characters. He helps his audiences to understand other cultures and be able to compare these to their own.

This is the second time Andy Wright has come to the School, entertaining us with his fascinating stories. He previously visited us last April, taking part in our We Love Books Festival. Thank you Andy Wright for your wonderful words, painting such amazing pictures of distant worlds! See you again soon.