By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

27 September 2019 - 15:28

Alongside their classmates and Spanish families, our German exchange students have been with us all week. They have enjoyed discovering the culture and way of life in Madrid. As well as spending time with our own students, in dynamic classroom environments, they were also able to visit the historic city of Toledo.

As we do each year, the School promotes an exchange with German students in Year 11. We believe that travel is always a unique experience and a great opportunity to learn. In addition, the possibility of living in a foreign household and having to escape their own comfort zone means that students have to develop new skills and abilities. They have to learn how to face new situations and solve problems. These lessons will follow them through later life, as well as helping them to improve their foreign language skills.

Meeting new people and understanding new cultures widens our perspective on the world, in many different ways. It makes us more tolerant and more receptive. As Einstein said: “A mind which is open to new ideas, will never go back to its original size”. This is why, every year, we notice the difference exchanges make and why we feel the need to repeat such an experience which in fact offers our students so many advantages.

It has been an intense week, full of different activities and experiences. We must say goodbye and see you soon to our German friends, until it is time for us to visit them.