By Teresa Gomez, Communications and Marketing

30 January 2018 - 12:05

Mucho arte en El Británico

Going back to school after the Christmas holidays, isn´t always easy. Presents are left behind at home, it has even snowed in January and it´s difficult to get up in the mornings. To get away from the bad weather, and make winter days more colourful, the youngest in School, our Pre-Nursery children, have turned to handicrafts and have decorated the corridors in Early Years with true works of art.

Barely 2 years old, these tots have discovered new artistic techniques, different textures and materials, and colours which make us think about what a cold spell we are going through. The little ones experimented with “sensual art”, painting with their hands, feeling the paint between their fingers and having a great time playing with “paintballs” ,  covered in paint and rolled on paper making different shapes and patterns.

The corridors in Early Years were covered in whites, blues and silvers, in what were very original and creative compositions. They brighten up our day, turn bad weather days into something more colourful and give us back the energy to get up in the mornings, go back to school and keep on painting....